Transition Naturally

Transition Naturally

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Recently I have been working with one of my transgender clients. I am a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community and have worked with many LGB & Q but rarely any T. It occurred to me lately, that maybe the transgender community doesn’t think to seek out nutrition therapy. Now, I’m not lumping an entire group of people together, this is just my personal experience and thought. As someone who does quite well with helping others to balance hormones, I think about who I can help and how. My question here is, why don’t I get more clients looking to transition naturally?

That answer to that is, I don’t know. I think maybe since we are a culture dependent on and blinded by Big Pharma we are stuck inside a box of prescribed synthetic hormone replacement therapy. The unfortunate result of synthetic HRT can often lead to cancer and furthering hormone imbalances, as well as amplify other inflammatory conditions and gene expression (not good).

When transitioning from male to female and female to male there are medical procedures and psychological protocols that are rightfully put in place, but no emphasis on holistic nutrition or organic bio-identical hormones. As a holistic nutritionist my mind wanders and thinks of the possible inflammatory conditions that are being created by not allowing the natural suitable hormonal pathways to communicate properly.

My biggest fear is that if we are transitioning genders, that transition takes place in the core of the endocrine system. The endocrine system is not only comprised of sex hormones, it is also the house of our pituitary, hypothalamus, and adrenal glands. These glands are the epicenter of stress, adaptation, hunger, thirst, and growth.

My analogous way of describing this relationship is like thinking your endocrine system is a house and every gland and organ has its own room. Well, let’s say one of the organs decided to throw a fit and start some drama, you better believe that everyone in that house is going to feel the resistance. This is what it’s like for the endocrine system. If one organ or gland is out of sorts, they will all chime in. So my primary concern here is that the focus is entirely on the sex hormones and organs, and the adrenals, most of all, get left behind. They become an afterthought.

This is an extremely unfortunate circumstance given the adrenals have a very important job, stress and adaptation. When you put the body through a stressful event like gender transition my mind goes directly to supporting the stress response in the body. Why do I do that? Because the negative effect of stress on the body actually creates the exact hormones you are trying to transition away from. For women, when we are stressed and cortisol is on the rise we tend to lose our natural production of testosterone and increase our production of estrogen so for people looking to transition from female to male, this is not exactly the direction you are looking to go in. As for men, when cortisol is increased, natural progesterone levels decrease, therefore making it a more stressful long term transition from male to female.

The success of transition is not a question, the question is, if a holistic approach is not addressed, will there be long term issues that will take longer to heal because there was no attention paid to other equally important glands and organs…



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What is this Bone Broth Stuff everyone is talking about?

What is this Bone Broth Stuff everyone is talking about?

You have probably heard once or twice about bone broth recently, but what is it? And seriously, why is everyone talking about it?! Believe it or not, Bone Broth is an old world healing super food. I say “old world” because it is a remedy that has been used for ages. This is not American specific either, bone broth has been used in almost every culture around the world for centuries to heal the sick, or make people virile.

So what is bone broth besides an age old remedy? Well to be honest, it is pasture raised slow or pressure cooked, bones. If you don’t know what any of that means, don’t worry, let me break it down for you. Pasture raised stands for the feeding process of an animal in it’s natural state and living out to pasture its entire life, not in a cage or feed lot. When animals are out to pasture or in the wild, they are at their most vital state and offer the human body the nutrients it requires to heal. Slow or pressure cooked are two different ways we can cook bones. Slow cooking is longer and at a lower temperature. Pressure cooking is shorter and at a higher temp, but in a pressurized container. Neither are less effective, just different results in terms of flavor and clarity. The primary goal is to have a broth that gelatinizes at cooler temperatures. The Gelatin is the holy grail.

So beyond where the bones come from or how we cook it, why is it considered a super food?! Well to put it simply, bone broth when made properly, is dense and chalked full of nutrients. In this miraculous food you can find, collagen, proteins, healthy fats, amino acids, peptides, vitamins, minerals, and gelatin. WOW!!!

Crazy awesome right?! So the real reason everyone is talking about it is not only because it is a super food, but the amazing nutrients in it have the power to heal. The nutrient density of bone broth can heal even the most afflicted and literally bring people back to life. There are studies of people who have been hospitalized with Crohns disease and are totally emaciated to the point of no return, but were revived with bone broth. Others have had debilitating Colitis their entire life and the disease is reversed with bone broth. Yes these are both intestinal disorders, but the integrity of your entire system lives in your gut. Gut health is #1, and needs to be respected as such.

As you can see, bone broth is all the buzz right now because of its significance in healing the body. So if you are feeling sick, have food sensitivities, inflammation, nerve damage, degenerative health or wellbeing, try bone broth. It may be the answer you are looking for. Even if you don’t have an crazy health concerns, bone broth will make you look and feel better than you ever have before. The collagen is so rich that your hair, skin, and nails will be the best they have ever been!

What is the recommended amount you ask? I like to tell my clients that 6-8oz  daily is preferable. If you are looking to heal something severe, drinking 3 cups a day is extremely beneficial. You also want to make sure that you are digesting and breaking down the healthy fats properly, so feel free to add a little organic raw apple cider vinegar. If you don’t have a gallbladder, OX bile is necessary as a supplement to take with each meal and cup of bone broth.

Making bone broth is easy! Here is my favorite recipe from


Michelle Tam is a health food chef that specifically cooks the PALEO style of eating. for those of you who are not familiar it is a style of eating that removes all grains and dairy. It is a great place to start if you have food sensitivities.

I am lucky enough to live in Portland Oregon where we have our very own broth bar! Check it out:


So if you have been meaning to try bone broth or this is your first time hearing about it, don’t wait, this elixir is magic!!