Fat vs. Thin- The double standard of body shaming

Fat vs. Thin- The double standard of body shaming

As most of you know, this year I finally decided to write a book. The book as a whole is so many things, but at it’s foundation- body image. Of course! You can’t have a female driven nutrition manifesto without it. Most of the women I see are driven by body image. I, in so many ways, try to explain the overall importance of loving yourself and to be more concerned with health and not appearance. Its quite a fun read, I really can’t wait to share it with the world.

The one thing interesting that I never knew is that when you write a book, it becomes you. All of your soul and deepest emotions are poured into it. It fucks with you.

All of my own personal issues with body image were tried and tested. I feel terrible for my husband. He has endured me yelling at him in tears quite a few times. I have accused him of shaming language and being something that he isn’t. Like I said, when your shit comes to the top, it messes with you.

What I never expected, was that after everything I put him through, that, I, Myself, would also become the user of shaming language.

Let me give you a bit of back story. Recently, my husband and I decided to go on these new long term styles of eating. We removed grains and dairy. We have been gluten free forever, but subscribed to the “clean eating” approach. It is very lenient. This time, not so much. We up’d our game.

We both did really well on this plan. My breathing got so much better and Kenny was feeling really good. The only drastic change was that he lost 15 pounds.

The second he told me that, I freaked. I didn’t like it. I thought to myself, “I like my husband bulky, not skinny.”

This was the moment I became the “Shame Monster.”

It’s so easy for women to jump down the throats of their men for calling them “Fat”, but when is it okay to reverse it and reverse your shaming language into a double standard?

I felt like a complete asshole.

I had just become everything I hate, and everything I preach against, and everything I spoke about in the 50k words in my book.

What was I thinking?!… I wasn’t.

I honestly didn’t even know that I was shaming him until he told me I was. How sad is that?!

Is it possible that we only want to live on our own side and not on both?

When does it become okay to skinny shame someone?

The answer is, never.

Words hurt no matter who they come from and in whatever form. If they are judgmental, patronizing, micromanaging, they hurt. I don’t care if you think you are helping that person by sharing your unrelenting opinion, you are still traumatizing them.  Yeah I get we currently live in a crazy politically correct world, but I like it. I like making others happy and I absolutely do not like making them miserable.

I am by no means perfect, I am actually quite a difficult and complicated person. But that doesn’t mean I ever want to be the anchor of someones emotional pain. Especially when it comes to how they feel about their body!

Moral of the story, don’t use shaming language, ever.

If you feel the urge to judge someone based on their appearance, remember, it’s just your own personal insecurities surfacing.

Are you using shaming language? Do you even know if you are?

Something to think about…



How I have survived going Dairy Free

How I have survived going Dairy Free

Wow it has been a long time since I have been on here. Sorry for the lag in my writing as of late. There have been so many focuses I have been putting my brain into and now I think I have my groove back. So many great changes are happening around here. I transitioned my practice to online and distance only, which makes me feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I also became the Suja Field Marketing Lead in Portland, which is a ton of fun! I get to meet so many great people all of the time. Suja sent me to Paleo Fx in Austin back in May and that was like Disneyland for me ha! Everyone I have followed over the years was there or speaking and all of the amazing food products I have been meaning to try were there and “free” so, yeah, it was like a little dream world for nutrition geeks like me.

After I got back I realized that I may not have been taking care of my body as much as I had hoped. I always justified that I didn’t need to give up dairy because it never caused digestive issues, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t in some way or another cause an underlying inflammatory response. You see I was super self-conscious about my skin the whole time. I felt like I had to wear a ton of make up to cover up my blemishes so that no one would know that, maybe, I am not really as healthy as I portray myself to be.

The truth is, dairy does cause an underlying inflammatory response for me. I am the body type that carries excessive estrogen and suffers from insulin resistance. I have always had constant acne and cellulite. Growing up I thought, well, that’s just the way I am. But why do we have to make such blanket statements to justify what we are doing wrong with our bodies? Why aren’t we taking action when we know we should make a change.

Maybe because we don’t take the time to emotionally deal with what the change means to us. The change to me was a shift in my identity. Almost everyone I know on a personal level knows the relationship I have with cheese. It may sounds silly to you, but as a previous professional cheese monger cheese was my identity. I knew every cheese name, every flavor profile, every animal and the complexity of their milk. Cheese meant the world to me.

I think I wasn’t really able to process the change until I was able to let go of my past. I have said this before many times, but food is emotional. We associate so many memories with different foods. They all affect us in different ways. If we eat 3 meals a day, 365 days a year, we will rely heavily on food. We will rely on food not only for sustenance but for comfort. We eat at funerals, weddings, birthdays, we have no emotional severance with food. So now you can see why it would be hard for anyone to break up with a food.

After my trip I told my husband, “I think it’s time to give up dairy for good.” He was over the moon, partly because, dairy also causes me to snore. For those of you who aren’t familiar, dairy produces excessive mucous and sometimes inflammation in your nasal pathways and lungs. People with asthma, seasonal allergies, snoring issues, or sleep apnea would see it best to give up dairy.

The decision was made in my mind, but in my heart I always need validation and support, so I made a bet with my husband. I bet him that if he went on the GAPS diet (the Gut and Psychology Syndrome) to help heal the pain he was having in his hands, (possible arthritis or gout, were not sure) I would go dairy and sugar free. He agreed and we began.

Years ago we did AIP (The Auto Immune Protocol) together and we were miserable. Not physically miserable, but emotionally miserable, we were not ready for restriction of that kind. Now, after years of self exploration and experimentation we felt ready and really haven’t given it a second thought. You see, nutrition is 90% psychology and 10% doing the protocol intended. Every choice we make is driven by our internal conversations. The more comfortable we become with the change, the closer we will be to making the change.

I think one of the biggest helps for me was having great dairy alternatives to keep a similar flavor profile and texture in my life. I cook EVERYDAY, so I need to get creative and make sure my creature comforts are still possible. I thank the universe for the amazing food scientists over at Kite Hill. Their chive cream cheese on a Fox Hill Kitchens’ bagel is like low carb paleo crack lol!! Not to mention my husband is completely in awe of how good the Kite Hill yogurt is, and he is a hard critic! When you are married to a man who’s mother is nothing short of a master chef and pastry extraordinaire, you know a “yes” is a big deal!

I think after really coming to terms with is and having this wide variety of dairy free foods, it became less daunting. I mean seriously, our freezer at New Season’s Market has Capello’s Paleo pizza in it, so worst case scenario I can give myself a free night from cooking and still stay on track.

So surviving going dairy free for me was honestly about having some very personal conversations with myself and then finding foods that would make me feel like I wasn’t missing out on anything! I have even made an Alfredo sauce out of cashews that would blow your mind, for real tho, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it’s dairy free! I’ll post that recipe next week!!!

Thanks for tuning in everyone! Maybe you want to join the dairy free train with me?!


PROBIOTIC WATER -is your new favorite drink

PROBIOTIC WATER -is your new favorite drink

As some of you know I am a brand ambassador for the Forbes top 5- next billion dollar juice company, SUJA. I started drinking Suja when they first came on the scene. I was still a Cheese Buyer for Whole Foods Market, and at the time, Suja was only found in Whole Foods- it was an exclusive brand. I was instantly in love. The clutch design and marketing on the bottle was guaranteed to raise some intrigue. You would also be impressed with the labeling. As a Nutritional Therapist I am a label natzi. I look for every certification you can possibly imagine, and Suja met every single one. There was even a part that they didn’t let on, and that not only is Suja 100% Organic / NON-GMO / Cold Pressured / BPA free / Gluten Free / Vegan- it is also Farm to bottle controlled. This Juice had everything I looked for and more. The taste was also a palette pleaser, sure to get your tongue ignited and excited to want more.

Now three years later and releasing in to every major retailer in the nation, Suja is democratizing juice. They are for lack of a better word, killing it. Just when I thought Suja couldn’t come up with anything better, they one up-ed my expectations. Suja created the first non fermented Probiotic Water with all organic fruit zest flavors.

I know I sound like a juice salesmen and you are probably thinking “well it’s your job to say nice things so you can sell product..”

First off, I have never been or will ever be a sales person. I just don’t believe in people buying crap they don’t need, and second, I don’t work at Suja for job security or to seek approval. This is a privilege. I get to work with Suja and I get to talk about how awesome their products are. Like I said, I could give a rats patooty about making you try something you don’t need. Plus this is not a commission based job, so the only incentive here is the bountiful joy of spreading health and wellness to the masses!

Can you imagine a world with only Organic juice and no more Soda?! Sounds like a utopic existence to me!

SO-back to the Probiotic water. At this point you might have heard about the benefits of healthy gut bacteria.. We all need a stable and sufficient balance of bacteria, and probiotics are a great way to get us there. Now you’re thinking, what type are we at Suja using and why is ours better than taking a pill?! Well I’ll tell you, with info-graphics, because I love pictures!


And here they are!! So pretty right?! Suja probiotic water will be coming in 4 amazing flavors or only naturally infused fruit zest and some sliced fresh ginger. The four flavors are:

* Ginger Lime

* Raspberry

* Orange Ginger Cayenne

* Orange Ginger Pineapple

So yummy!!!


Like I mentioned before, probiotics are crucial for a healthy-homeostatic existence. We need healthy bacteria to thrive optimally!


Our process at Suja goes above and beyond with survivability. It is possible that this is not something that even occurred to you when you are thinking about a good probiotic. If we have sufficient Hydrochloric acid in our stomachs and our pH is really low we need a good strain to withstand that type of acidity and after making it through to the small intestines it needs to be bioavailable as well! Suja probiotic water has got you covered! By using the GanedenBC30 strain we crank that survivability up to 78%! Awesome!!


This probiotic water is so amazing it’s already catching the eye of many! We even won first place at Expo West for “Best new product”, this is one of the highest honors you can get when fresh on the market!

Slide6After all of that a really important factor is that this is the lowest sugar and carb count on a healthy bacteria liquid on the market. Kombucha never gets below 5grams because it needs sugar for the natural fermentation process. Good news for those of you on a keto/low carb or sugar reduction plan. The Ginger lime has 0 grams of sugar!

If you are still a bit curious here are some related articles and sources:

SSounds Slide7


Sounds incredible right?! I know! And the price is awesome too! Only $2.99 a bottle, and it’s so refreshing and most of all worth it! You really are going to love it!!

Still curious about this amazing probiotic water? Check it out at Target stores, where it will be exclusive for the next six months or enter our giveaway!


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Lard Oatmeal Cookies

Lard Oatmeal Cookies

The first word in this title might shock people and make them think, “Why is a Nutritional Therapist recommending lard?” Well good question. Remember when I talked about healthy fats, and how animal fats are better for us? Lard is definitely one of them. Animal fats when processed and absorbed correctly help cell to cell communication, lubricate the joints, balance hormones, blood sugar, brain & eye health…. You get it, right?!  Now the type of lard is also a big deal. In today’s recipe I used Pasture Raised lard from Fat Works. Fat Works is a local company here in the Portland area and they specialize in grass fed & pasture raised rendered animal fats! http://www.fatworks.com


So back to the lard conversation. How the heck is lard going to taste in a cookie? Well A-mazing is the answer! Have you ever heard of traditional baking recipes? Most of them preferred lard over butter, and since most of my clients are dairy free, this is a perfect integration and throw back to when our great grandmother’s used lard. Most of you that don’t know me and may be reading the blog for the first time, I am a big fan of ancestral health, clean foods, sustainability, and enjoying what life has to offer. Hence the baked goods recipe today! We can’t always deny ourselves the simple pleasures of a sweet treat, and also keep in mind, “everything in moderation.”

In my world you vote with your dollars, and the “real food movement” is a movement if we keep it moving. We can do that by buying the type of products that are better for our health. I focus primarily on nutrient density and not denaturing your foods too much. The less nutrient the less healthy you will become.

When choosing each ingredient I take extra special care to look for these words: Organic, Non-GMO, Pasture Raised, Fair Trade, Gluten Free, Dairy Free… They all seem like buzz words, but if food isn’t labeled, no one is held accountable and we end up with cardboard in our meat and metal in our pasta..


As you can see from this photo I chose the best quality I could find! The two eggs in the picture are locally raised pastured farm eggs. I also used Real Salt brand salt and Bobs Red Mill Baking Soda. My kitchen smelled heavenly after baking these delectable treats.

People ask me from time to time how I learned how to bake. If I learned it from my mother or grandmother. My grandmother was a fabulous baker, unfortunately, it didn’t come from her- I  had to teach myself over the years. The first batch of scratch cookies I ever made was six years ago when I started dating my husband. They were awful, but I knew I loved him when he tried them anyway.

I have absolutely no formal training so I am sure I don’t do it according to the rules, but I have never in my life been accustomed to rules. I believe rules are only in place to control us, a form of slavery. I color all the way outside the lines and that’s what makes me, well, me. So if you have any rebuttal or suggestions, put them in my “I don’t give a shit box” 🙂 Because these cookies taste too damn good to be wrong!


I started by preheating my oven to 325 degrees. I then sift 2 cups of Ottos Cassava Flour. You must remember in the middle of this when you are rolling your cookie dough- Cassava flour is a root vegetable and has no gluten in it, you need to form the dough how you want it to look, it will not naturally fall like most flours. So after you roll your dough balls, you must press them into your beautiful cookie or they will turn into cookie balls. But if you want cookie balls, do whatever you want.


I then add 2 cups of these awesome rolled oats. You def want to try and use the rolled oats and not the instant cook oats. The rolled oats are what gives them their weight and bulk. Bobs Red Mill is the bestest not only because they deliver a rockin product, but also because they are big ancestral health peeps.


Now that my main bulk is in I add the 1 tsp of cinnamon, 2 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp baking soda, 1/4 tsp real salt, 1 cup coconut sugar, 1 cup Chilean flame raisins, and 2 eggs. I chose the Chilean flame specifically for the size, I like bigger and thicker raisins. That is totally up to you!


I then proceed to melt my 1 1/2 cups of Lard in my cast iron. I try not to use the microwave when using quality ingredients. I don’t want to oxidize or rancidify my fats with the manipulation of the water molecules. Once the fat is melted, go ahead and add it to the rest of the ingredients.


You can blend the ingredients on med in your mixer if you like until everything is fully mixed. You must use an electric mixer for this type of dough.


Now comes the fun part! Gettin Dirty!! I love using my hands! I love feeling the dough with my fingers and rolling them into cute little balls. The balls shouldn’t be too thick we are making 18 cookies of a moderate proportion. These cookies when done baking can fit in the palm of your hand. Space them evenly so that when you press them they aren’t touching.


They should hopefully look something like this when they go into the oven. They only need 8-10 min and they will be good to go, so make sure to set a timer, you don’t want to dry them out.

Easy enough right? Ready for the final look?


Doesn’t that look delicious! I even poured myself a glass of cashew milk to stay 100%  dairy free for today’s blog ❤



Prep time 10 min

Cook time 8-10min

You’ll need: Electric mixer, measuring spoons and cups, baking sheet


2 cups Ottos Cassava Flour

2 cups Bob’s Red Mill thick cut rolled oats

1 1/2 cup of Fat works Lard

1 cup madhava coconut sugar

2 tsp organic vanilla

1 tsp organic cinnamon

1/2 tsp Real salt brand salt

1 tsp Bob’s Red Mill baking soda

2 Pasture Raised eggs

Preheat oven to 325. Sift flour. Add all ingredients. Mix. Roll into balls. Press dough into cookie shape. Bake for 8-10 min. Cool. Enjoy!



Eating your way to the ultimate orgasm!

Eating your way to the ultimate orgasm!

diet_snacks_ healthy-fats


Valentine’s day is upon us and every year men and women set lofty expectations of having a true night of bliss that will satisfy every fantasy. Then reality hits us. Your sex life isn’t what it once was, but honestly neither are you. For some this may not apply, but add a kid or animals, a stressful job, a crappy diet, and lack of exercise, and a lack of patience, and honestly, a night of good sleep has become better than sex. But why? Why did sex become a back seat item? When did ultimate pleasure get tabled for Netflix and pizza…

The truth is, your orgasms haven’t been that great, yeah sometimes you have that one rockin night and get yours, but is it a mind blowing toe curling orgasm extravaganza. Not really. But don’t blame yourself, millions of people are in this boat. The truth is, how can you feel extra sexy and in the mood, not to mention, achieve the best O you have ever had, when you don’t put yourself first. Let’s be honest, If you’re not feelin it, you don’t want anyone feelin you!

Truth: Selfishness is the key to the ultimate orgasm. Seriously people when was the last time you put everything else aside and took care of you? Food is huge when reaching that big O, but let’s talk about the big S, STRESS. Stress will kill it, instantly. When was the last time you experienced being satisfied with life?

Okay so my version of Selfishness is not what you think it is, men and women today are so concerned with providing and planning, and being frankly, perfect, that they forget to take care of numero uno. This version of selfishness is really SELF-CARE. Most people think that this is all they will ever get so they just have to deal. Bullshit. What happened to making your needs known, your feelings validated, and creating an egalitarian environment?! Who wants to have sex with someone that doesn’t make you feel validated or appreciated, not me. Your emotional health is just as important as your physical health because they are one in the same.

No to mention your overall mindset. Your mindset is essential when climbing the mountain of the Kama Sutra. When we are relaxed, zen, have a belly full of nutrient dense whole foods, slept great, and feel healthy, we can then get down in scream town and feel the ultimate ride of the sacred orgasm.

Your probably thinking, ugh, that’s too complicated, and will only happen in a parallel universe. Not true, you make your own existence everyday. Every minute that passes is a chance to make a shift.

Becoming emotionally validated comes from a will to be heard and a right of control. Every single man and woman has the right  to control his or her existence. It’s up to you if you are willing to make the change.

For some the first step is eating habits. Libido is driven by the fuel we give to our bodies. Our sex hormones are not able to produce properly if we are not nourishing our bodies. If you’re ready to get your sexy on and achieve the ultimate O here are some tips to make your Valentine’s night extra special:


Get into a state of peace and relaxation with yourself and those around you, exude love and positive energy, no one likes a negative nancy. Get a massage, go sit in a sauna, get some energy work.


Switch out your startchy carbs for higher fats like avocado, liver pate, coconut oil, egg yolk, bone broth and butter,  blood flow responds better to higher fats and mineral rich foods like dark chocolate, leafy greens, salmon, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds and oysters!

Try making my sexy hot chocolate:

1 cup heavy cream or coconut cream

3 tbsp of organic raw cacao powder

1/4 tsp pf cayenne pepper

1/4 tsp of cinnamon

1 tbsp of Maca powder

2 tsp of raw honey

Heat slowly mix and enjoy


Express to your partner that you appreciate them as they do you and talk about things you love about each other, tell them how sexy they are and that you want them for all that they are. Take them to the sex shop and find some fun games to play or toys to enjoy together.


Enjoy quality time together with no phones, tv, laptops, or smart devices, this complete disconnect creates a drive between both people and doesn’t bond you together. You might as well be alone.


Physical touch is everything and foreplay is everything, if you rush the party it’ll be over before it starts and it will be very lack luster, taking you back to square one.

Stimulation is stimulation in every form. If you stimulate the mind with appreciation and validation you begin to feel happy and relax. Stimulation with diet and mindfulness helps you to feel better physically and able to perform better. Stimulation with mutual massage and a sweet treat, makes you feel like a million bucks and ready to create the perfect environment for the ultimate orgasm.

When you are happy your partner is happy and when you both are happy all is well in the bedroom.

If you want to eat your way to the ultimate orgasm cut out the crap and take care of your body. It will take care of you!

And ladies, don’t forget your Kegel exercises, they are there for a reason 😉

Vaginal exercises are extremely important!! ❤

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Death by Diet Shake

Death by Diet Shake


By now many of you have already jumped on the diet train and gone all the way to shakeville. The sad thing is, none of you should ever diet. Life is really about eating balanced and sustainably healthy, not crash dieting year after year. Media and weight loss companies love to sell you gimmicks to keep you yo-yo dieting for the rest of your life. Not a single one of the massive conglomerates actually teaches you to eat healthy, because if they did, you would no longer buy their products, they would make less profit, and eventually go out of business. They are in the business of ruining your metabolism and keeping you engaged enough to want to come back. With that being said, let’s discuss the product they sell and how it could potentially be the cause to health problems down the road. In this post I am going to discuss the dangers of diet shakes, the deadly ingredients, what shakes to stay away from and what shakes to buy if you just like having shakes. Here we go!

Dieting by drinking diet shakes as we all know is not a sustainable way to live. Even if you truly believe what the company you are buying tells you, your shake is anything but nutritious. Medical Doctor’s and FDA approval mean absolutely nothing, so don’t let them sell you on that. Anyone can be bought if the dollar amount is right.

The body needs food, it is designed to break food down beginning in the mouth and going all the way to the small intestines. We are designed to eat solids. Does this mean liquids are bad, NO. But your body can forget how to do something if it is not exercised, this is the process of evolution. So if all you do is drink shakes, eventually it will be harder for your body to digest and metabolize solid foods. Thus making it harder to stay at your desired weight. This is a mind trick that the diet companies love to play because then you become reliant on their product. So a liquid diet can be effective, but can end up causing major damage, not only to your digestive system, but also your endocrine system (the system responsible for metabolism). So many American women have Thyroid disorders and never think to link their lifetime of yo-yo dieting. If you stress your metabolism out enough over your lifetime, there will be consequences. Thyroid disorder is only one of the long term possibilities, but there are other organs in the endocrine system that can be massively  affected. Hormones like estrogen can dramatically increase, cortisol can also increase causing severe adrenal fatigue, not to mention, diabetes and blood sugar dis regulation.  The list goes on.

It’s funny how blind we have become by good advertising and branding. We immediately put trust in a product that we really know nothing about because we saw someone get results love their slogan.  Oy vei! We end up loving the pretty wrapping so much that we  don’t even question if the ingredients are safe! Here are some shake labels and why these ingredients are dangerous.



Not really even sure where to start with this chemical shit storm. Why in god’s name is there Wheat and Canola oil in your shake? Did you also know that vitamin fortification in food supply has been linked to causing neurological damage? Yes, I’m talking about Alzheimer’s people. I can’t believe that the people that sell this crap call it nutrition, when it is anything but. When you eat REAL FOOD you don’t have this many ingredients.

I am so sorry if I am bursting your Herbalife bubble or or maybe you feel bewildered and betrayed, but these people aren’t your friends, all you are is a dollar sign to them. They don’t care about your health.




Good for you, you found company that is using less chemical derivatives and claims to be the #1 shake on the market. But yet again you are blinded by good marketing and exercise addicted coaches that promise you a rock hard body. Ugh, there is so much wrong with this situation, I can’t even. First off, these women are not trained nutrition professionals and only know what they have been spoon fed to make more money. Second, these ingredients claim to be gluten free, but are still not guaranteed soy free, which is a HUGE problem considering estrogen dominance is one of the leading causes of cancer and hormonal disorders in America. Third, NONE of these ingredients are certified organic, fair trade, or non-gmo, and if they are bottom line, the whey protein is not grass fed. If you are surviving on a liquid diet, you need to be extremely careful with what your are putting into your body.

Oh yeah, and you should NEVER be HUNGRY! If you are trying a new plan and you are complaining about how starving you are, or telling yourself that it’s just a part of the process, you’re doing it wrong! That’s why dieting is also a terrible mentality to be in. Yes all eating plans are called diets and it gets confusing, but I am talking about living two separate eating lives. If you have found an eating plan that makes you healthier, like the ancestral diet, or the Paleo diet, or Whole30, or clean eating, or a sugar detox, these are all sustainable plans that are for the betterment of your health and well being. These are not crash diets. These eating styles are long term plans that teach us about Macro nutrients and the medicinal properties of food. Crash diets and shakes, do not.

There are hundreds of others that I really don’t need to go too much into detail, like Slimfast, Boost, Ensure, Atkins, the shakes sold at Costco and at most supplement companies. Bottom line if you like shakes and smoothies you should be using REAL NUTRIENT DENSE WHOLE FOOD ingredients. If you don’t want to be starving make sure to put ample fat in there like coconut cream or avocado, use a grass fed whey protein or a pasture raised raw egg (do your research, not all raw eggs are dangerous) or grass fed collagen peptides. Add organic fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals. This process may cost you more know, but will save you thousands down the road when you will avoid doctors visits and medications you have to take because of the crap you put in your body.

We need to stop dieting and treating our bodies like a dumpster. We say we don’t know what’s right, but we aren’t taking action to learn what’s right. We are so quick to listen to other people and not take responsibility or our own health. Stop giving people power that are just looking to make a buck and invest in the ones who genuinely care.

Here are some great powders to buy if you really want a shake, but don’t rely on them. Don’t succumb to the need to diet, you are beautiful just the way you are!



Take your health into your hands, you are worth every penny!


Five easy steps to better sleep

Five easy steps to better sleep


This time of year we are getting deeper and deeper into working overtime to achieve goals and are sometimes kept up at night because of new ideas or simply stress from it all. Being creative or working hard is not necessarily a bad thing, but when do we make time to shut down, when is it time for you to sleep?

Sleep hygiene, as I like to call it, is one of the top 3 have-to’s on all of my protocols. If we don’t get adequate amounts of sleep, say goodbye to everything else. When the body is lacking in proper rest it affects every major system in the body. What we don’t know or tend to forget, is that sleep is the time the body recovers and rejuvenates. If we don’t sleep, we never fully recover. Less than 7 hours of sleep has been proven to affect the brain in such a way that we actually get dumber. It is all a matter of neuroplasticity, first our memory goes, then attention, then dexterity, we start to function at a lesser percentage than a full nights rest. So why is that?

Simple biology. The human body has evolved in a systematic way that requires structure. Like any machine it needs repair and constant care. If we don’t shut the machine down, it cannot reboot, it will start to malfunction.

Lack of sleep can quite literally be a contributing factor in disease and most importantly death. Americans are so obsessed with time. My husband for example doesn’t think there is enough time in the day to be productive and sees sleep as an unnecessary necessity. After almost six years of me nagging him to do better in the sleep department he has never slept better and never been less stressed. It also helps that his companion in life is naturally knocked out at 9pm every night.

I was always lucky that way that sleep was my highest priority and that’s why I always have so much energy to do everything, I take care of my machine!

You have heard me talk about cortisol on more than one occasion, so you know how much damage it can do to the body when in excess. When the body is in a constant state of stress from lack of sleep cortisol will surge through the body. The more cortisol the worse it gets because the perpetuation will make your sleep worse and create a vicious cycle. Not to mention, the cravings that come from the lack of sleep. When the body is exhausted and needs energy, you will crave the quickest form, sugar. If you have an insatiable appetite for carbs and sweets and also sleep terribly, now you know why.

Enough about that let’s get into how to help you sleep better.

Step #1

Blood Sugar regulation

If we are eating cleaner and our blood sugar is stabilized our cortisol will decrease and helps us get into that wonderful slumber.

Step #2


We don’t need to be out running marathons, but we do need to get at least 30 min of movement a day. If we sit all day long the body builds up toxin in the muscle, this can inhibit the body from producing oxygen in the blood and make the system stagnant. Movement strengthens the immune and nervous systems.

Step # 3

Stress management

Relaxation and mindfulness are at the top of the list for self-care. If we don’t make time to relax and reflect, we will be one constant ball of stress. Ain’t no body got time for that! There is honestly nothing worse than being around a person that is ready to snap at every little thing and complains about how “busy” they are. When you are dead, none of that crap will be worth it. And you may very well be without that person, if you don’t pay more attention to your behavior.  So draw a bath full of Epsom salts, get a massage, eat your meals in peace (NOT AT YOUR DESK!), sauna, have more sex, make time for friends, get off your phone, turn off the TV and for god’s sake go on a vacation!

Step # 4

Mineral Balance

Every day we are inundated with oxidative stress and foods that lack nutrient density. The unfortunate truth about most of the vegetables we eat is that they lack the appropriate amount of minerals needed to make your nervous system healthy and optimal. Magnesium deficiency is one of the largest contributors to sleep disruption and legs cramps that make sleeping difficult. Magnesium is designed to help the body relax and contract, so naturally it is one of the best aides for sleep. The recommended dosage is to take 2 tsp before bed and let the good times roll! You can always increase the dose if desired, but beware, it can make the bowels move if you’ve had too much.

And lastly

Step #5


If our body isn’t properly hydrated sleep just isn’t possible. Why you ask? Because how can a body possibly rest, rejuvenate, and detoxify, if it’s full of toxin? Rid your body of the waste it is holding on to and help the organs operate properly.


At this point I might sounds like a broken record, but being healthy is easy and foundational. Another great way to help sleep is by increasing serotonin production by taking 5-HTP or D3, as well as increasing natural melatonin by getting rid of blue light from electronic devices (READ A REAL BOOK).

Sleep well!